3 Days

Action Packed Entertainment



Square Meters Exhibition Area


Targeted Sports

Studies show that approximately 67% of visitors to your stand are likely to be new prospects, 79% have buying influence and 49% are planning to buy in the near future. In addition, 48% of exhibition leads do not require a sales call to close the deal.


To promote a healthy positive lifestyle to all South Africans

We intend for all visitors to:

  • BUY apparel, merchandise and the latest sporting products
  • VIEW attractions, stunts performances, product demonstrations and live entertainment
  • TEST gear and equipment
  • PARTICIPATE in the wide variety of sporting activities showcased


  • Sporting professionals, amateurs, fans, enthusiasts
  • Families … the socialite … the action junkie … the fanatic … the shopaholic … the young professional… the student
  • All ages

Reserve Your Place

Reserve Your Place